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How to remove warts?

Unwanted, warts can grow anywhere on the body. In the throat-neck-side of the eyes-underarms and even in the genitals. More…

Obese is Chances to warts.

It is more common in those who are overweight and suffering from obesity. That’s because obesity causes insulin resistance in the body. People who develop insulin resistance develop diabetes. Diabetes increases the tendency to get warts on the body.

Worry about or not?

Sometimes some warts change color. A little red, infection. That’s when it’s a matter of concern. There are also other types of warts. It looks like a wart, at least at first. But over the years, its color and shape changes. It could be ‘melanoma’. But remember, melanoma is very rare in our country. We are not ‘genetically’ likely in that sense.
On the other hand, basal cell carcinoma (BCC) of the skin is confined to one place. It is seen on the face and cheeks in a little older people.

how to remove unwanted warts?

If it is on private part?

Sometimes wart-like growths are seen on the genitals. Although it looks like a wart, it is actually a ‘skin wart’. There are certain types of ‘warts’, caused by the human papilloma virus. This virus is spread through sexual contact. Should be treated immediately. If not, there is a risk of malignancy called ‘squamous cell carcinoma’ after many years.

Aware about color changing.

If you see a wart on the body that has been there for many years, but recently (within the last two to three months) it has increased in size, changed in color, and is oozing, be careful. A mole that used to be black, now looks a bit brown or bluish, or has a sore that is oozing blood – see a dermatologist. With his advice, do a ‘biopsy’ to know whether it is ‘malignant’ or not?

How to treatment?

Basically surgical treatment. Removed with laser. Medicines don’t do much. If it is confirmed that it is skin cancer, the plastic surgeon should remove the entire area. If the mole is not ‘malignant’ and if it is a ‘skin wart’, it should be removed by applying the ‘electrocutary’ method. Genital warts can also be removed with a laser.



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