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“Can anemia be reversed naturally?”

Anemia: To keep the blood clean, people are still consume raw turmeric and sugarcane jaggery in the morning on an empty stomach. Elders claim that if the blood is clean, half of the diseases can be cured.

How to relief ?

Every part of the body receives nutrition and oxygen from the blood. These vitamins and minerals provide these nutrients. The blood is crucial, just as the body’s five main organs. Therefore, if certain vitamins and minerals are not present in sufficient amounts in our daily diet, malnutrition also manifests in our blood and leads to a number of disorders. Anemia is the earliest name for these conditions. Additionally, there could be issues with blood coagulation.

What is the way?

Blood clotting issues are primarily caused by a lack of vitamin K. The right food choices are the answer to this issue. In this situation, the food list should include an sufficient number of dairy products, fruits, linseed, sesame, and sia seed. Anemia is frequently referred to as a blood clotting disorder. Hemoglobin deficiency or the circulation of immature red blood cells (RBC) are both symptoms of anemia.

The people are believe that a shortage of “iron” causes anemia. To make up for an iron deficiency, many people use pills and other supplements. But a lot of us are unaware of this fact. In our red blood cells, iron is a component of the hemoglobin that carries oxygen. We receive this iron from non-vegetarian meals, including chickpeas, dates, kale, mint, and other green vegetables as well as animal tissues like meat, liver, fish, egg yolks, etc. Our bodies utilize non-vegetarian iron more effectively. Of fact, a vegetarian diet can provide enough iron provided it also includes enough foods high in vitamin C. This is so that iron from meals can be absorbed by our intestines, which depends on vitamin C. Red blood cells are created by vitamin C dissolving iron in the bone marrow and blood.

Iron and Vitamin C are good friend to each other. These citrus fruits, including lemons, apricots, or berries, are rich in vitamin C. Currants, guavas, apples, mangoes etc. also contain a lot of vitamin C. Green leafy vegetables like moringa leaf, moringa stalks, etc. Anemia is influenced by numerous factors, besides iron and vitamin C. Folic acid, vitamin B12, sometimes known as cobalamin, vitamin E, and copper.

Another mineral that can prevent anemia, besides iron, is copper. This is because copper aids in maintaining the effectiveness of iron storage and usage in blood and other cells. Crabs, oysters, lobsters, pork, and other seafood are among the main sources of copper. Nuts,soybeans, oilseeds like sesame, sunflower seeds, etc also contain it.

Let’s now discuss about Vitamin B12 and Folic acid. The cell division and cell renewal processes in our bodies depend on these two vitamins.Folate is directly involved in the formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin. Folic acid deficiency takes four to five months to show symptoms, whereas B12 deficiency takes three years. Making the appropriate meal choices is the simplest method to avoid this circumstance.

Foods containing folic acid include liver and eggs as well as pulses and legumes like chickpeas, pulses, peas, and soybeans. It is also present in green leafy vegetables, beans, and other vegetables as well as oilseeds like sesame. B12 is mostly produced by bacteria and is primarily present in meals that are not vegetarian. For instance, fish, liver, beef, and milk from cows and buffaloes. Yogurt, Idli, night old fermented rice, and other fermented food products contain a considerable amount of B12.



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