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Why Dharmendra-Hema don’t live under the same roof?

Dharmendra-Hema Malini got married in 1980. Actor married to Prakash Kaur when married to Hema. At that time, the actor married Hema without legally divorcing his first wife. Hema Malini’s family did not want to accept their relationship. The wife and children of the actor’s first party objected in the same way. But time is plenty. The situation changes according to his rules. The actor’s relationship with his first-party family was normal, but Hema Malini was not on the same page. Marriage, children, but no family.
At the moment, the actor lives with his first wife Prakash Kaur. On June 18, Sunny Deol’s son Karn Deol brought his wife along to his wedding. He blessed the newlyweds. So where is Hema? Recently in an interview, the actress admitted that she and Dharmendra do not live under the same roof. Dharmendra lives in another house, he lives in his own house. Talking about their separation, the actress said, “What does anyone want? It actually happens. And it has to be accepted. Every woman wants her husband like any other five normal families, be a child But that is not always possible.

So it is not that Hema has any grudge against the actor. In the words of the actress, “I have no bad feelings. I don’t feel bad or sad about it. I am happy myself. I have two children, I have raised them very well. He (Dharmendra) was always with me. Worried about children. The two girls should get married soon, he used to say. I always assured, when the time is right, it will be.” Hema Malini writes in her autobiography, “I didn’t want to upset anyone. I am happy with what Dharamji has done for my daughters. He has done what a good father should do.”



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