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Fingernails Predicted Your Future: Is it true?

Introduction: It is said in Samudrik Shastra, if there is no fingernails, the beauty of the hand will be lost, if there are fingernails, the beauty of the hand will increase. But many times there are many kinds of marks on the nails of the hand which can tell a lot about what can happen in our future. More about fingernails...

You may have seen that some people have white spots in their fingernails. We may not notice these spots or see them. But according to Samudra Shastra, those who have these white spots on their hands always suffer from mental stress.

longest fingernails

Some people have black or yellow spots on their fingernails. Success does not come easily to those people who see these black or yellow nails on their fingernails. All those people have to work hard to get success.

longest fingernails in the world

Those whose fingernails are stain free and nails are red, bright and pink are very lucky. All these people become idolaters at a very young age. All these people can never know the sorrow and cost in life.

ridges in fingernails

Again it is said in Garur Purana, if someone’s nails turn yellow quickly and break very little, then that person’s sexual power decreases and sexual diseases are also seen.

Those people whose nails are crooked and have lines, may earn money in life but due to not being able to save that money, they face financial problems in life.

ridges on fingernails

Again we often see some people’s fingernails are very thick. And those people who have thick fingernails, those people are seen to be affected by diseases like lung infection, polyuria, arthritis, eczema.

purple fingernails

Again, the middle of the fingernails of many people is seen to be high, just like the back of a turtle. And if blue or white spots can be seen in the nails, then all those people should have a regular blood test after reaching the age of 40. Because all these people are seen to be suffering from heart related diseases. Read about G20 Summit.



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